Revolution (selamectin) for Cats Rx
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Revolution (selamectin) for Cats Rx

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What is Revolution for Cats?

  • Revolution is a prescription topical heartworm preventative and parasiticide medication for cats. 
  • Revolution contains Selamectin to protect cats against fleas, heartworm, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms for one month.

Why is Revolution used for cats?

  • Revolution is a prescription, topical heartworm preventive.
  • Revolution kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month, and is indicated for the prevention and control of flea infestations.
  • In cats, Revolution also treats and controls ear mites, as well as intestinal roundworm and hookworm infections.

What else should I know about Revolution?

  • Revolution is for topical treatment in cats eight weeks of age and older.
  • Bathing or shampooing the cat 2 hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness of Revolution against fleas. 
  • Bathing or shampooing the cat 24 hours after treatment will not reduce the effectiveness of Revolution against heartworm.
  • The American Heartworm Society and most veterinarians recommend an annual heartworm test before prescribing a heartworm preventative for your cat. 
  • Revolution is sold as a prescription drug in a maximum of a 12-month supply per cat per year.
  • To buy the same size for more than one cat, add what you need to the cart. You can split the amount among different cats at the checkout!
  • Wash your hands after use and wash off any product in contact with the skin immediately with soap and water.

What problems could my cat have with Revolution?

  • Stiff hair, clumping of hair, hair discoloration, or a slight powdery residue may be observed at the treatment site in some animals. These effects are temporary and do not affect the safety or effectiveness of the product.
  • Rare side effects of Revolution that usually are not serious may include skin irritation or loss of hair at the site of application.
  • Rare side effects that may be serious or indicate a serious problem may include depression lack of energy or weakness, stumbling or collapse, dilated pupils, excessive drooling, seizures or coma. If you see any of these signs, contact your veterinarian immediately.  

How do you use Revolution?

  • Apply to the skin as directed by your veterinarian.
  • Firmly press the cap down to puncture the seal on the Revolution tube; a clicking sound will confirm that the cap has successfully punctured the seal. Remove the cap and check to ensure that the tip of the tube is open. 
  • To administer the product, part the hair on the back of the animal at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube 3 or 4 times to empty its entire contents directly onto the skin in one spot until empty.
  • Check the tube to ensure that it is empty. Do not massage the product into the skin. 
  • Due to alcohol content, do not apply to broken skin. 
  • Avoid contact between the product and fingers. 
  • Do not apply when the haircoat is wet.

What is in Revolution?

  • Revolution contains selamectin, a topical parasiticide effective against fleas, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworm disease in cats.

Will I get what I see in the picture?

  • Revolution is a brand name. You will receive the exact brand that you request.

Is it important for my cat to finish all of the Revolution?

  • Cats may use Revolution for different lengths of time. Please consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.

Who makes Revolution?

  • Revolution is manufactured by Zoetis.