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Renal Essentials

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Renal Essentials Kidney Health Support for Pets


What are Renal Essentials products?

Renal Essentials is a blend of vitamins, fatty acids, extracts, and amino acids into one convenient product. It is a daily supplement intended to help aid in kidney function of cats and dogs. There are separate products for cats and dogs, and they come in chewable tablets and bite-sized chews.


What benefits do Renal Essentials products provide?

Renal Essentials may support and maintain kidney function in dogs and cats by providing necessary nutrients and maintaining mineral balance. It may not be necessary to use Renal Essentials in healthy pets, but can be used in pets with diagnosed kidney disease under veterinarian supervision. Renal Essentials is not intended as a sole treatment for kidney disease, but may be a beneficial addition to your pet’s current treatment.

When should Renal Essentials be avoided?

Renal Essentials has not been studied in pregnant or breeding animals, so your veterinarian should be contacted prior to starting Renal Essentials in these animals. Renal Essentials should also be avoided in pets currently experiencing diarrhea. If your pet experiences diarrhea while taking Renal Essentials, it is important to hold this supplement until their diarrhea has resolved, unless your veterinarian directs you to continue it. If your pet’s kidney disease worsens or does not improve after starting Renal Essentials, you should contact your veterinarian about continuing this product.