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Potassium Bromide Capsules (Compounded) Rx

We're unable to ship Potassium Bromide Capsules (Compounded) 50mg, per Cap to Nebraska.

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* This specialty medication is compounded by hand by skilled VetRxDirect pharmacy technicians following strict regulations to keep your pet safe. A minimum amount per compounded medication of $49.99 is required. When an amount less than the minimum is purchased the difference will be added to your invoice.


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Compounded Potassium Bromide Capsules for Dogs

  • Beyond Use DateIt is recommended the capsules be used within 6 months.


What are compounded potassium bromide capsules:

Potassium bromide is a medication often used for seizures and other disorders. This is a product that contains the medication, potassium bromide, in a capsule formulation.

What else should you know about compounded potassium bromide capsules:

Potassium capsules are compounded by VetRxDirect’s expert compounding staff. They are available in many dosage forms to tailor to your pet’s needs. The capsules need to be stored away from humidity, light, and heat.  It is important to order your refills a few days ahead of time because the product needs to be made for your pet. Potassium bromide capsules have an expiration date of 6 months after they are made, so pay close attention to expiration dates on your label. Quantities and charges ordered exceeding the beyond use date will be adjusted to hopefully prevent your pet’s medication from expiring before they are finished.

What strengths of potassium bromide capsules are available:

This particular product has 32 various strengths compounded by VetRxDirect already. You may also get other strengths if your veterinarian prescribes them and we will specially make them for your pet. There are also some inactive ingredients contained in the capsule to make the formula complete.