Oti Ear Cleanser
30mL, 30 Dose Dropper Bottle

Oti Ear Cleanser

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Oti Ear Cleansing Solution

Oti Ear Cleansing Solution is designed as an antiseptic cleasner of the outer ear for dogs and cats. It uses a chlorine dioxide formula, which to relieve inflammation caused by bacterial and yeast infections. Oti Ear Cleanser also works to gently break down and remove debris and wax from the ear while reducing odor. It features a non-toxic, gentle formula that can be used routinely as a maintenance cleanser. Available in a 14 mL multi-dose syringe.

  • Helps eliminate inflammation of outer ear
  • Helps remove wax and debris
  • Reduces odor associated with bacteria and yeast
  • Non-toxic formula


Directions: Squeeze Oti into infected ear for a count of 4. Massage into the affected areas especially at the base of the ear. After 30 seconds swab out excess in the ear canal with a cotton swab. 

Active Ingredients: DioxiCare® Chlorine Dioxide Complex