Optixcare L-Lysine
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Optixcare L-Lysine

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What is Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats and Kittens?

  • Optixcare L-Lysine products contain lysine to help reduce the severity and frequency of eye conditions associated with Feline Herpes in cats and kittens.

Why is Optixcare L-Lysine used for Cats?

  • Optixcare L-Lysine products for cats and kittens contain Lysine, an amino acid produced by the body which may help reduce the severity and frequency of eye herpes outbreaks.
  • Optixcare L-Lysine Chews provide Lysine in a convenient soft-chew formula.
  • Optixcare L-Lysine Paste is highly palatable and offers an easy wasy to administer.
  • Optixcare L-Lysine Powder is a highly palatble powder that mizes with your cat's food. 

What else should I know about Optixcare L-Lysine?

  • Store in a cool, dry place.

What problems could my cat have with Optixcare L-Lysine?

  • Discuss the use of the chews with your veterinarian before starting to give the chews.

How do you use Optixcare L-Lysine?

Optixcare L-Lysine Chews

  • Give as directed by your veterinarian.
  • Manufacturer's suggested use: For kittens, give 1/2 to 1 chew daily. For cats, give 1 to 2 chews daily.

Optixcare L-Lysine Paste

  • Using a teaspoon (5 mL), administer orally the following quantities:
  • Adult cats: ½ to 1 teaspoon daily
  • Kittens (under the age of 6 months): ¼ to ½ teaspoon daily
  • Can be used long term or as directed by your veterinarian.

Optixcare L-Lysine Powder

  • Using the provided 0.75 g scoop, add the following quantity of powder to food:
  • Adult cats: ½ to 1 rounded scoop (250 to 500 mg L-lysine) twice daily
  • Kittens (under the age of 6 months): ¼ to ½ rounded scoop (125 to 250 mg L-lysine) twice daily

What is in Optixcare L-Lysine?

Optixcare L-Lysine Chews

  • Ingredients: poultry meal, l-lysine, water, sorbitol, glycerin, rice starch, soy lecithin, dried pork digest (flavoring), glucose syrup, salt, preservatives (potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, bha, citric acid, propyl gallate, propionic acid, phosphoric acid, sorbic acid, lactic acid, propylparaben).
  • Guaranteed analysis: Min Crude Protein 44%, Min Crude Fat 7.5%, Max Crude Fiber 0%, Max Moisture 17%, Max Ash 8.5%, Min Lysine 25%.
  • Calorie Content (Calculated) Me:  6 Kcal/Chew.

Optixcare L-Lysine Paste

  • Ingredients: 250 mg L-Lysine per 1.25 mL (¼ teaspoon).

Optixcare L-Lysine Powder

  • Ingredients: 500 mg L-lysine per 0.75 g rounded scoop.

Will I get what I see in the picture?

  • Optixcare is a brand name. You will receive the exact brand that you request.

Who makes Optixcare L-Lysine?

  • Optixcare is manufactured by Aventix.