NexGard PLUS Chewables for Dogs Rx
66.1-132 lbs, 6 Month Supply

NexGard PLUS Chewables for Dogs Rx

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  • Requires veterinary authorization.

  • Your pet's veterinarian will provide directions for use.

What is NexGard Plus Chewables for Dogs?

  •  NexGard Plus is a monthly treatment for dogs that protects against fleas and ticks, prevents heartworm disease, and treats and controls roundworms and hookworms. 

Why is NexGard Plus used for dogs?

  • NexGard Plus is used for the prevention of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis in dogs. 
  • It is also used for the treatment and control of roundworm and hookworm infections. 
  • NexGard Plus kills adult fleas, black-legged ticks, brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, and lone star ticks. 
  • NexGard Plus provides 1 month of protection. 

What else should I know about NexGard Plus?

  • NexGard Plus is a beef-flavored, soft chewable tablet.  
  • NexGard Plus is for use in dogs and puppies at least 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 4 pounds. 
  • NexGard Plus is not for cats.
  • Your dog may require a heartworm test prior to starting NexGard Plus.

What problems could my dog have with NexGard Plus?

  • This medication should be used with caution in dogs that have a history of seizures or other neurologic disorders.
  • This medication should not be used in dogs that are allergic to any of the ingredients.

How do you use NexGard Plus?

  • NexGard Plus is given orally once a month as directed by a veterinarian.
  • NexGard Plus can be administered with or without food.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the dog consumes the complete dose and that part of the dose is not lost or refused. 

What is in NexGard Plus?

  • NexGard Plus is a chewable tablet containing afoxolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel.

Will I get what I see in the picture?

  • Nexgard Plus is a brand name. You will receive the exact brand that you request.

Who makes NexGard Plus?

  • NexGard Plus is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim.