Milytic Otic Ear Cleanser

Milytic Otic Ear Cleanser

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Milytic Otic Ear Cleanser for Cats and Dogs

Milytic Otic is a dewaxing, maintenance ear cleanser for dogs and cats. It contains a micellar solution used to help soften and breakdown wax and debris. The hypoallergenic formula can also be used for cleansing skin folds, removing tear stains, and as a topical flush. Milytic Otic uses Ceramide III, a molecule that works to support the natural lipid barrier of the skin. Ceramide III aids in the protection against allergens, environmental stress, and water loss. Milytic Otic is available in 8oz bottle. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product on your pet.

  • Helps breakdown wax and debris
  • Hypoallergenic ear and skin cleanser
  • Removes tear stains
  • Supports natural lipid barrier
  • Contains Ceramide III