MiconaTris Flush

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MiconaTris Flush for Cats and Dogs

MiconaTris is a topical antiseptic solution used for cleansing and flushing of the ears and skin. It contains miconazole as an antifungal to reduce yeast and fungus on the skin, and ceramide which works to support and restore the natural lipid barrier of the skin. MiconaTris Flush also uses trisEDTA as a pH neutralizing solution when used in the ear. It may aid in the treatment of certain skin and ear conditions. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product, and follow their instructions for use.

  • Topical antiseptic & cleansing flush
  • Can be applied to the skin or ears
  • Contains  antifungal
  • May restore skin lipid barrier
  • Aids in treating certain dermatological conditions