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Malaseb Flush Rx

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Malaseb Flush for Dogs and Cats

Malaseb flush is a topical (for skin only) solution containing an antifungal (miconazole) and an antibacterial (chlorhexidine). It is a water based formula also containing surfactants to help with gentle cleansing and can be used in cats or dogs. Malaseb Flush is indicated for dermatologic conditions that are responsive to the active agents.

What you should know about Malaseb Flush:

  • Active Ingredients: Miconazole Base 0.174% w/v (equivalent to Miconazole Nitrate 0.2% w/v), Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2% 1/v.
  • Directions for use: Apply Malaseb Flush liberally to the affected area. Use a cotton or absorbent material to clean off excess solution. Do not allow your dog or cat to lick the treated areas until they have dried to prevent ingestion. Wash your hands after applying. Can be used twice daily or as directed by your pet's veterinarian.