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Goodwinol Ointment

1oz Jar

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Goodwinol Ointment for the treatment of demodectic and follicular mange of dogs.

What is Goodwinol Ointment:

Goodwinol Ointment is an ointment intended to alleviate skin irritation symptoms caused by mange and other non-specific skin issues.  It contains benzocaine which acts as a topical anesthetic to soothe skin distress.  It also contains a variety of ingredients to soothe and moisturize the skin.

How should Goodwinol Ointment be used:
Goodwinol Ointment can be applied every 24 hours.  Ointment should be rubbed in so that it is absorbed by the skin, but avoid applying ointment near the eyes. The manufacturer recommends consulting your pet’s veterinarian if there is no improvement within ten days.  If ointment separates, it should be mixed back together before applying.