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Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus

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FleaBusters Rx for Fleas Plus for Dogs and Cats

FleaBusters Rx is a home treatment powder designed to kill fleas and prevent infestation. FleaBusters  can be applied directly to carpeting and furniture and will not stain surfaces. FleaBusters powder is very fine and requires only a small amount to be effective. It is especially designed to cling to carpet fabrics to provide longer lasting protection from fleas. FleaBusters contains borate powder and offers a safer alternative to harsh pesticides. After proper installation, exposure to pets and humans is kept to a minimum. FleaBusters is available in a 3lb tub and treats approximately 5 average sized rooms.

More about how to use Fleabusters Rx instructions can be found by clicking on the Installation Instructions tab on the manufacturer's website