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EpiTreats Dog Snacks

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EpiTreats for Dogs - Healthy Canine Snacks

What are EpiTreats?

EpiTreats are specially formulated dog treats which may promote skin and coat health. They may be given to healthy dogs of any age. They contain specialized protein and carbohydrates sources.

How should EpiTreats be given:

The following is a general guideline and does not replace your pet's veterinarian’s recommendations.

Weight of dog in pounds (lbs)

Maximum treats per day for normal weight dogs

Maximum treats per day for obese prone dogs

Up to 20 lbs

5 treats

3 treats

20-40 lbs

7 treats

4 treats

41-60 lbs

8 treats

5 treats

61-80 lbs

10 treats

6 treats

81-100 lbs

13 treats

8 treats