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What is EicosaDerm?

EicosaDerm is an Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E liquid supplement for cats and dogs. Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation may help with dry itchy skin and help maintain a healthy coat. The omega 3 fatty acids in EicosaDerm are sourced from small cold water ocean fish and is then deodorized and purified. EicosaDerm is tested and certified to be free from pesticides and below testing levels for heavy metals.

How to use EicosaDerm?

Cats and dogs weighing 1-10 lbs : ½ pump daily

Cats and dogs weighing 11-20 lbs: 1 pump daily

Cats and dogs weighing 21-40 lbs: 2 pumps daily

Dogs weighing 41-60 lbs: 3 pumps daily

Dogs weighing 61-80 lbs: 4 pumps daily

* Ask your pet's veterinarian for your pet’s specific dose.