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What is Digoxin?

Digoxin is a medication used to treat congestive heart failure and heart rhythm disorders in dogs and cats. Digoxin is a medication in the class of cardiac glycosides and it works to slow down the heart rate and increase the heart’s force of contraction, which helps the heart work.

What pets are cautioned when using Digoxin?

Pets with ventricular fibrillation, kidney disease, thyroid disease, severe lung disease, obese pets and pets with electrolyte disturbances should be monitored closely while using digoxin. Some Collie- breed dogs may experience worse side effects than other breeds, so monitor these breeds closely as well. Cats with hypertrophic (enlarged) heart disease should not take digoxin.  Some pets may have an allergic reaction to digoxin or other cardiac glycosides and should not take digoxin.

What else should you know about Digoxin:

Digoxin should not be given with food and should rather be given on an empty stomach at the same time(s) every day. Your pet will need access to fresh drinking water at all times while taking digoxin. Do not skip doses or stop giving the medication suddenly without the approval of your pet's veterinarian, as it can worsen your pet’s heart disease. Keep all lab appointments with your pet's veterinarian because this drug needs to be monitored closely.