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Composure Calming Formula for Cats and Dogs 

What are the Composure products:

Vetri-Science has brought a product line, called Composure, to help dogs and cats with nervousness, hyperactivity, anxiety, or stress. Composure has a unique formulation containing C3, which is proteins found in colostrum (a mother’s first milk). Composure also contains L-theanine and thiamine, and no herbal ingredients. The ingredients in Composure do not cause your pet to be sleepy or impair their mobility. The canine formula is designed for dogs weighing 26 lbs and over, whereas the canine mini bite-sized chews are designed for dogs 25 lbs and under. The feline bite-sized chews are formulated for cats weighing 25 lbs and under. The liquid may be used on all cats and dogs. Contact your pet’s veterinarian about which product and dose they recommend for your specific pet.