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C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

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C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs

C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews make it easy to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy – and his breath fresh! Each chew has an abrasive texture and contains a dual enzyme system for clinically proven plaque control.

  •  Convenient, effective way to fight plaque and tartar buildup
  •  Freshens breath naturally
  •  Poultry flavor that dogs love
  •  Four sizes of treats to fit any size of dog

Say “good-bye” to dog breath! Give your pup C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews. These tasty chews made from select beef hide, combine a natural antiseptic with an abrasive texture to remove plaque and tartar build up, fight harmful bacteria, and freshen breath.

What you should know about C.E.T Oral Hygiene Chews for dogs:

  •  Talk to your pet's veterinarian before using this product.  
  •  Follow dosing directions exactly.
  •  Read the label carefully for information about storage, possible side effects, and drug interactions.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews Sizes:

  •  Petite dogs under 11 pounds
  • Medium dogs 11-25 pounds
  • Large dogs 26-50 pounds
  • Extra Large dogs over 50 pounds