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C.E.T. HEXtra Chews for Dogs

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CET HEXtra Chews for Dogs and Cats

What are CET HEXtra Chews?

CET HEXtra chews are similar to the regular CET chews but they have the addition of chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent. Together, the enzymes and the chlorhexidine help prevent plaque buildup and the growth of bacteria in your dog’s mouth. CET HEXtra chews come in a variety of sizes, ranging from petite to extra large to fit your pet's needs. Ask your dog's veterinarian if CET HEXtra chews are right for your dog and how often they recommend giving them the chews. The manufacturer recommends giving one chew per day. It is important for your pet to thoroughly chew CET chews, as swallowing the chews in large pieces or whole will not provide the teeth cleaning and can cause your pet to have an upset stomach.