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Cease Coprophagia

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Cease Coprophagia for Dogs and Cats

Cease Coprophagia is a supplement for dogs and cats that helps eliminate stool eating (coprophagia). It discourages stool eating  by making pet’s feces have a bad taste with the ingredient MSG. It also includes B complex vitamins, which are a potential cause of coprophagia pets that are deficient. Cease Coprophagia helps in the breakdown of fiber by using the digestive enzyme cellulase. Available in 90 count soft chews for dogs and 450 gm granules for dogs and cats. Flavored with chicken liver for easy administration. Granules may be applied directly into pets food.  

  • Helps prevent stool eating in dogs and cats
  • Makes feces taste undesirable
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • Includes B complex vitamins
  • Available in soft chews or granules