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Anxiety Relief

60 Beef Flavored Tablets

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PetLabs360 Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief is a calming supplement for dogs that have behavior problems associated with anxiety. It helps relax your dog without sedation in potentially stressful situations like grooming, vet visits, car rides, thunderstorms, or with separation anxiety. It helps give a sense of calm with chamomile and tryptophan and includes ginger root powder to reduce nausea and motion sickness. Anxiety Relief is available in 60 count beef and cheese flavored chewable tablets. Talk with your dog’s veterinarian before using this product.


  • Relaxes without sedation
  • May help dogs with separation anxiety
  • Ideal for car rides, vet visits, or times of stress
  • May reduce motion sickness and nausea
  • Promotes a sense of calm