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Antinol for Dogs and Cats

Playing, running, jumping, and walking are some of the physical demands involved in the activities we have with our pets. Even the daily set of stairs or the jumping in and out of the car can add stress to their joints, at any age. Factors like weight, breed, age, and diet can also affect joint health. Antinol works to keep your dog or cat on the go, for longer. Made with the extract of green lipped mussels, Antinol features a highly concentrated blend of natural fatty acids, including Omega 3 fatty acids to support tendons, ligaments, and tissue. It is designed for daily and long-term joint care to keep your pet comfortable and mobile. Antinol softgels can be given whole or mixed with food. Available in separate formulas for dogs and cats.

  • Promotes joint health
  • May improve mobility and comfort
  • Safe, long term support
  • Concentrated green lipped mussel extract & fatty acids
  • Dog & Cat formulas


Antinol Dosing For Cats

  • Under 10 lbs Give 1 softgel daily
  • Over 10 lbs Talk with your veterinarian

Antinol Dosing For Dogs

  • Under  20lbs Give 1 softgel daily
  • 20-40 lbs Give 1-2 softgels daily
  • Over 40 lbs Give 2-4 softgels daily