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Amino B-Plex

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Amino B-Plex Liquid for Cats and Dogs

Some pets can have deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals, or be missing them in their daily diet and need them supplemented. Amino B-Plex is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats helping to support metabolism and energy. It contains concentrated B complex vitamins, essential amino acids, potassium, and iron to promote liver health. Amino B-Plex is a hypoallergenic formula that is available in a flavored, easy to give liquid. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product, and follow their guidelines for use. Available in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz dropper bottles.

How to Use Amino B-Plex:

  • 5 pounds or less: 5 ml, twice daily 
  • 5-20 pounds: 1-1.5 ml, twice daily
  • Over 25 pounds:2 - 3 ml, twice