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What are the Allerpet solutions?

Allerpet/c and Allerpet/d are solutions for people who are allergic to cats and dogs, respectively. Both solutions gently remove allergens from the coat of pets to reduce allergic reactions to them. They are non-irritating and non-toxic to your pet, and may be safely used to reduce dander and saliva from their skin and coat. Contact your veterinarian prior to trying Allerpet Solutions on your pet.

How to Use Allerpet:

Brush your pet thoroughly to remove as much dead hair as possible. Lightly moisten a washcloth with Allerpet and cleanse your pet by rubbing the fur both with and against the lay of the hair, making certain to dampen it to the skin. It is not necessary to saturate the hair. Pay particular attention to the areas of the body that your pet licks most often, especially the genital area. Dry with a towel. Repeat once a week.