Are Generic Medications Safe for my Dog or Cat?

Know The Facts About Generic Medications

Have you ever questioned whether generic medications are really as good as the name brand medications? Or why there is a cost saving? Generic medications work the same way as brand-name medications do, and they are proven to have the same safety as the brand names. They contain the same active ingredient and are made to be used in the same exact way. The FDA strictly requires that all generics have the same dosage, effectiveness, strength, stability, and quality while in comparison to their brand name counterparts. As a result, generics also carry the same side effects, risks, and benefits as the brand name. The FDA regulates generic medications for both humans and animals, learn more on their website.

Generic drugs and brand name drugs have the same

  • Active Ingredient
  • Strength
  • Dosage Form (tablet, liquid, powder, etc)
  • Route of administration (oral, topical, etc)
  • Indications for use
  • Stability
  • Purity
  • Manufacturer Requirements
  • Safety

Generics may include different inactive ingredients such as preservatives or fillers. The FDA also ensures the inactive ingredients of the generic medicine are acceptable. Because trademark laws prevent generic drugs from looking just like the brand name drug, the color and size may be different.

Why are generics cheaper?

Manufacturers of generic drugs do not have to repeat the costly laboratory and clinical trials that the brand name company invested in to gain the first FDA approval. This allows them to produce and sell the medication at a lower cost. When several companies begin to make the same medication, the competition helps keep the price down.

Manufacturing & Monitoring

Both brand name and generic drugs are manufactured with the same strict and high-quality standards by the FDA. The drugs must both be formulated to contain the same active ingredient in the same amounts. All ingredients, both active and inactive, must meet stringent quality standards.

After a generic drug is approved by the FDA, the quality and monitoring process continues. This includes ongoing tests for stability and reporting of side effects.

What medication is right for my pet?

When it comes to your dog or cat, you should always talk with your veterinarian first about medication options. You and your veterinarian should discuss the safety and efficacy of a drug before giving it to your pet. Also, visit the FDA website for information on generic medications.

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