Fear, Phobias, & Anxiety in Pets.

When Fido or Tiger is Fearful….Anxiety in Pets

When a thunderstorm rolls in, does your dog cower under the bed? Has your cat become aggressive since you brought your new baby home? Do Fourth of July fireworks send your cat and dog into a fearful frenzy?

Just as humans have a range of fears and anxieties – and coping mechanisms to handle them – so do our pets.  Common causes of fear and anxiety in pets include:

  • Loud noises from storms, fireworks and social gatherings
  • New family members
  • New pets
  • A change of residence
  • Changes in your household routine

When these things happen, pets tend to respond with aggressive or destructive behaviors that take their toll on your home, your family, your pet — and your patience.

Start by Learning

So what do you do if you have a pet that’s taking out its fears on your couch or urinating on the carpet? First, observe your pet’s behavior closely to confirm what triggers the fear and what the responses are. This information will be critical if you need to consult with your veterinarian. Ultimately, your veterinarian may suggest a prescription medication for your dog or cat.

But you can take steps right now to help calm your pet. Start by searching online to learn about training approaches that can curb your pet’s fear and anxiety and the resulting negative behaviors.

A Range of Remedies for Anxiety in Pets

Here at VetRxDirect we also stock a range of prescriptions and over-the-counter, natural remedies that can help.

Thundershirt for Anxiety in Dogs

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One popular product for dogs is the Thundershirt. It’s a snug garment you put on your dog when he or she starts to exhibit fear or anxiety. Smart design makes it easy to slip the Thundershirt on your pet even when he or she is in “fear mode.” The Thundershirt applies constant, gentle pressure on the torso, which has an immediate calming effect on many dogs.

We have seen such great success with Thundershirts for dogs, we were happy to hear Thundershirts are now available for Cats!

We also stock a variety of all natural, over-the-counter medications that help calm and support dogs and cats without negative side effects including:

Have these products helped your best furry friend — and saved your couch? We’d like to know and always appreciate your feedback. Share your experience in the comments below.

Meanwhile, keep calm,