Cobalequin and Vitamin B12 Supplements For Dogs and Cats

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in within the body of dogs and cats including the function of the brain and nervous system, cell growth, protein synthesis, metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, and the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12, which is also called cobalamin, is not made by the body and must be supplied by food or nutritional supplements. Having a lack of B12 can lead to other health problems, and both dogs and cats can develop a deficiency to this vitamin. In certain breeds of dogs, B12 deficiency can be genetically passed on especially in beagles, border collies, and giant schnauzers. It can also occur in those dogs and cats with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) is a condition which prevents animals from being able to digest and absorb nutrients from food because they lack digestive enzymes in the pancreas. Animals suffering from EPI can become deficient in multiple nutrients including vitamin B12 because they can not absorb it from the food they eat. Some common signs include weight loss, anemia, lethargy, and loss of appetite. If you suspect your dog or cat has a deficiency, talk with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may use blood tests and lab work to diagnose a B12 deficiency.

B12 supplements are used to help increase and maintain vitamin levels in animals with deficiency, anemia, pancreatic insufficiency, and other conditions. They may be given as a one-time treatment by your veterinarian or prescribed as a routine supplement to help maintain your pet’s levels. You should always talk with your vet before using a new supplement or medication.

Cobalequin at VetRxDirectCobalequin is a vitamin B12 supplement for dogs and cats that contains cobalamin. It helps increase levels of vitamin B12 in those animals with deficiency and may be given as a regular dietary supplement. Cobalequin comes in a tasty, chicken flavored chewable tablet making it easy to give.



Vitamin B12 Injectable at VetRxDirect

Vet One Vitamin B-12 is a prescription injectable for dogs and cats that is typically given in the muscle and contains a concentrated source of cobalamin (B12). It may be prescribed to help treat deficiency, anemia, pancreatic insufficiency, or digestive disorders.



Rx B12 at VetRxDirectRx B12 contains cyanocobalamin, a man-made form of vitamin B12, and is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. It may be given to animals will illness or deficiency, or to help replace nutrients missing from their diet. It comes in a flavored, palatable liquid.



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