5 thoughts on “A Review of Potassium Supplements for Dogs and Cats

  1. Hi! Thanks for your post. What supplement and what doses you recommend in a heart patient in treatment with furosemide?

    • I noticed two sentences in this article that appear to be inconsistent:
      “Potassium citrate is also used to help prevent kidney stones, because it’s salt form can increase urine pH.”
      In the table under indications, I found,
      “Help stop kidney stones and crystals from forming and reduce urine acidity”

      It appears that these statements are contradictory. Does Potassium Citrate increase or decrease urine acidity? Please clarify. Thank you.

  2. I just love how virtually every veterinary health site so casually says to take your cat/dog to the veterinarian regularly to monitor their health.
    Do they have no idea how much vets charge just for walking in the door? Are the people who run these sites all filthy rich?

  3. Since so many pet medicines are also human medicines, how do you feel about using human vitamins with dogs? Would the dosage be the same or how would it be adjusted please? Thank you.

  4. Even though I just read ion in potassium makes iit hard ro absorb into bloodstream, I question the Potassium tabs vet.gave me aren’t dangerously overdosing. “Hypocal” (gluconate I think), 78mg twice per day (156mg total) for 10 days. I know about overdose symptoms of Potas. as my mother was killed by taking this supplement prescribed by dr. for many yrs. Dose should have been reduced.. and hospital didn’t check electrolytes. Would have seen excess potas. easily. Symptoms gasping heavily to breathe as heart in state of chaotic arythhmia, lerhargy, feeling sick all prev. symptoms over prev. wks. Classed her of having heart failure, openly gave her IV morphine until dead.

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