Bone & Joint Medication for Your Pets from VetRxDirect

Have you noticed a decrease in your pets’ energy and activity level as they get older? Maybe they aren’t following you around the house as much, or not as playful as they used to be? These are all signs your pet might be suffering from joint or bone related issues.

No owner wants to watch their pets’ active life slowly come to a halt. We here at VetRxDirect understand staying on top of joint and bone health is critical in extending the length and quality of your pets’ life.

Giving your pet the right bone and joint supplement has the potential to greatly minimize inflammation and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

The following are a couple of popular bone and joint supplements sold at VetRxDirect:

Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats

Cosequin for Cats Available at VetRxDirect

For Cats consider Cosequin for Cats, an exclusive sprinkle capsule formula with tuna and chicken flavoring is a proven leader in healthy joint promotion in cats.

For Dogs consider Phycox Soft Chews, a popular joint supplement which comes in tasty natural liver flavored chews. VetRxDirect is currently having a special sale on Phycox. Buy a tub of Phycox 120 count soft chews and get TWO 10 count bottles of soft chews for free!!

We’ve priced both of these popular joint health supplements 10% OFF their already low prices during this special. HURRY! Sale prices and free goods offer ends next Friday.

Has your pet used Cosequin for Cats or Phycox Soft Chews? Feel free to give us all a quick review of the product in the comments section below.

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