Optixcare Relieves Dry Eye and Supports Eye Health

Vision is an important part of everyday living for dogs and cats, and keeping their eyes healthy is not something us as owners normally think about. Some eye crusts and gunk here and there are normal, but if you notice increased eye secretions, staining, and irritation it could be a larger problem.

Eye diseases can occur for many reasons including genetics, aging, eye injury, and degeneration. Dry eye, also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), occurs when not enough tears are produced by the body, or tears cannot lubricate the eye normally.  Dry eye can be uncomfortable and cause redness, inflammation, and discharge. Left untreated, dry eye can cause damage to the surface of the eye (cornea) and may result in ulcers and even vision loss. Certain breeds are more likely than others to get dry eye including bulldogs, schnauzers, setters, and cocker spaniels. Corneal ulcers are like an open sore on the surface of the eye, causing pain, irritation, and inflammation. Ulcers can also be caused by injury, infection, and other diseases including Feline Herpes Virus. Fortunately, these eye conditions can be managed and sometimes prevented or delayed with daily care. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian are important for catching signs of disease and allow you to discuss any concerns about your pet’s eye health. Optixcare Ophthalmic offers a line of products to hydrate, clean, and protect the eyes for dogs and cats.

Optixcare Eye Lube at VetRxDirect

Optixcare Eye Lube moisturizes dry eyes by blending with the tears to soothe irritation and discomfort. This hydrating water-based gel allows oxygen exchange in the eye to moisturize without blurring vision. Optixcare Eye Lube also provides dry eye relief for dogs and cats recovering from surgical anesthesia.



Optixcare Eye Lube Plus at VetRxDirectOptixcare Eye Lube Plus provides long-lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid. It clings to the surface of the eye and works with the natural tears for continual comfort and protection of the cornea. Eye Lube Plus helps relieve itching and irritation caused by dry eye, allergies, infection, and inflammation.



Optixcare Eye Health at VetRxDirectOptixcare Eye Health is an eye lubricant and nutraceutical that supports and maintains ocular health. It is formulated with 4 different antioxidants that combat free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and damage to the eyes. Preventing oxidation can help reduce inflammation and slow the process of disease, retinal degeneration, and cataracts.


Optixcare Eye Wipes at VetRxDirectOptixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes provide a convenient and quick way gently clean around the eyes and facial areas. Optixcare Wipes feature a pH-balanced formula to remove eye gunk and soothe irritation. Wipe away secretions or debris from the eyes, reduce buildup, and stubborn tear stains. Ideal for cleansing facial folds and reducing odor. 



Optixcare Eye Wash at VetRxDirectOptixcare Eye Cleaner gently cleans and soothes the eye and surrounding areas with a gentle, pH balanced solution. It can be used to flush debris, irritants, and secretions directly from the eye, or to remove crusts and stubborn tear stains. Also, use to cleanse facial folds and reduce odor.


2 thoughts on “Optixcare Relieves Dry Eye and Supports Eye Health

  1. My dog has dry eye in her right eye. Optixcare was recommended by vet to be used in both right and left eye. Is it OK to use in the left eye even though there is no sign of dry eye. Please advise ASAP

  2. My dog has been treated by his vet for dry eye and because of not producing tears in his eyes. He discharges this ugly guee in this eyes that I have to clean all the time. Is awful and I think he is in pain and can’t see out of his eyes if I don’t clean often.
    I have given all expensive medication and antibiotics, tear drops and everything you can think of and nothing works.
    Does this condition have a solution, or is it going to last until his last day of existence.
    He still has some years to live, I would say at least four, or five. I hate to see him go through this all those years.
    Do you know a solution to this. ?
    Please help !!!!

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