2 thoughts on “Feline Asthma – What is it, and how can you help?

  1. I have a really dumb question. – so dumb I’m unable to find any similar question in the Internet. My cat has asthma and we ordered her Flovent over a year ago. Due to the enormous cost we ordered it overseas. We also purchased the aero cat to use with the Flovent. Wben the medicine came the pump didn’t fit into the circular piece we had to put it in. We called the pharmacy and explained the problem and were told that the tube was shaped differently than the ones in the us and that we could try to find a pharmacy that had a circular pump to fit our aero cat. We couldn’t find a pharmacy that would help us so my boyfriend made an adapter piece out of a 2 liter bottle. Fast forward over a year I just happened to watch a video of how to use the aero cat on you tube and in doing so I realized that this whole time we had the aero cat backwards- the circular thing we were trying to attach to the pump actually attached to the mask and the green side that we were attaching the mask to actually held the pump perfectly. So here’s my question – obviously well use it correctly now but the past year – has she still received the medicine – as the chamber was backwards? Was it blocking the medicine or did it not matter as long as the medicine was being pumped into the chamber?

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