Duralactin Liquid is Back in Stock at VetRxDirect!

Duralactin Canine & Feline Liquid, VPL’s leading nutritional supplement for chronic inflammatory conditions in pets, is back in stock at VetRxDirect.  Place your order by 3PM CST Monday through Friday and receive same day shipping. Order four bottles and get FREE standard shipping.

Duralactin Canine and Feline Liquid

Duralactin Liquid is Back at VetRxDirect!

Duralactin Liquid is a poultry flavored, highly palatable product for cats and small dogs.

If your dog is over 80 pounds, the manufacturer recommends Duralactin Canine Tablets.

What are the ingredients of Duralactin Liquid?

Duralactin Liquid contains 200mg of MicroLactin, a patented dried milk protein, and 288mg of omega fatty acids per teaspoon.

MicroLactin may help chronic inflammation at the cellular level. Omega fatty acids are important for a number of reasons which may include:

  • Maintaining a healthy skin and coat
  • Supporting your pet’s immune system
  • Joint function
  • GI health

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