Churu Vet Appetite Motivator and Flavor Enticer for Cats

Churu Vet at VetRxDirectChuru is a flavor enticing, appetite motivating puree designed exclusively for cats. Churu is an all-natural, liquid-based puree that comes in an easy to feed, lickable tube. It has a variety of beneficial uses for you and your cat whether at home or while at the vet. It can help stimulate cats with poor appetite, give a tasty distraction, help with giving medications, or be used It can be used with training and socialization.


  • Medication Delivery- Mix medicine in with the puree or hide pills inside the tube to give medication to your cat.
  • Distraction- Provides a tasty distraction while giving medications, injections, topicals, grooming, or nail trimming. Take with you on trips to the vet for less stress during exams and vaccinations.
  • Appetite Motivator- Encourages cats with a poor appetite because of illness, surgery, stress, medication, or treatments.
  • Positive Reinforcement- Use as a training aid or when socializing cats to a new home or environment

Because Churu has a high moisture content, it also gives cats a quick and easy source of hydration. It comes in two flavors that are made with 100% all-natural animal proteins from wild tuna and farm-raised chicken. It does not contain grains, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors. Churu Veterinarian Formula comes in two different selections: Diet and Nourish. Both the Diet and Nourish jars contain packets in separate tuna and chicken flavors.

Churu Diet for Cats at VetRxDirectChuru Diet

  • Diet has an ultra-low calorie content for cats with dietary restrictions and to help maintain healthy body weight.



Churu Nourish for Cats at VetRxDirectChuru Nourish

  • Nourish is highly palatable to help stimulate appetite and provides additional dietary nourishment to cats.



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