Choosing the Best Pet Insulin Syringes

Diabetes can be a challenging disease to manage in animals. Dogs and cats can both develop diabetes and currently, there is no cure for it. Often, it requires a treatment plan designed by a veterinarian that involves checking blood sugar and giving insulin shots. If you have to give your pet regular insulin shots, you may already know the challenges involved, but having the right equipment to get the job done can make it easier. Or, if your pet has recently been diagnosed, you may wonder what kind of syringes you need. Pet insulin syringes are made in various types and sizes, so it can be tricky to know the difference.

U-100 vs U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes

U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes Available at VetRxDirect

U-40 Pet Insulin Syringes. Half Unit Measurements Now Available.

Unlike other medications, insulin is measured in units. “Units” is short for international units (IU), which is a form of measurement used for describing volume. Insulin for animals usually comes in two different concentrations: 40 units/mL and 100 units/mL. Depending on the brand of insulin, the concentration may be written on the bottle as 100 units/mL, U-100, 100 IU, or 40 units/mL, U-40, 40 IU. When selecting syringes to use with your pet’s insulin, you want to make sure they match the concentration, otherwise your pet will receive the wrong dose. This is because the syringes have different dosage markings. For example: if you have Lantus 100 units/mL, you would use U-100 syringes, or Vetsulin 40 units/mL would use U-40 syringes. If you are unsure of the concentration of your pet’s insulin, talk to your veterinarian.

Pet Insulin Syringes Needle Gauge & Length


U-100 Pet Insulin Syringes. Half Unit Measurements Now Available

Insulin syringes have an attached needle, and the size of a needle is usually measured by gauge and length. The gauge number describes how thick a needle is, and the higher the number, the thinner the needle. For example, a 32g needle is thinner than a 28g needle. Thinner is usually more comfortable for injection, and thicker is more durable. The length of the needle is measured in inches and is usually based on personal preference and skin thickness. Needles typically come in 28g, 29g, 31g, and 1/2 in or 5/16 in, depending on the manufacturer.

Pet Insulin Syringes Size

The total capacity of the syringes is measured by cc or mL which are actually equal to each other. The size of the syringe will depend on how much insulin is needed for the dose. They are also labeled with dosage markings, either in full or half unit increments. Syringes typically come in 3/10 cc, 1/2 cc , and 1cc sizes. Talk with your veterinarian about which needle and syringe type will work best for you and your pet.

At VetRxDirect, you can find a wide selection of insulin syringes. The UltiCare Syringes have a large combination of needle and syringe sizes in both U-40 and U-100. They also come in a Safe Pack, which includes syringes and a sharps container all-in-one for storage and disposal, and is available in all standard sizes. UltiCare needles feature a triple beveled tip, polished barrel, and silicone lubrication for optimal injection comfort. Dosage markings are clear and easy to read, making sure your pet gets the right dose.