A New Year For Your Pet’s Health

The start of the new year motivates many of us to set new goals and gain a fresh start for the upcoming year. Although, setting a resolution to make personal changes is often easier said than done whether we set the bar too high for ourselves or lose motivation along the way. What if we made resolutions with our pets? This New Year, try making some changes to improve your pet’s health and happiness. Happy, healthy pets can only help to make happy and healthy owners!

More Time For Playtime

Make a simple resolution to set aside dedicated time to play with your dog or cat. Use a classic favorite or try a new toy to keep them interested. Playtime is not only fun and stimulating but also gives your pet the positive social attention from you. Playtime is also a good way to get them up and moving, especially for indoor cats.

Tricks & Training

Challenge your dog or cat by teaching them a new trick or start some training. Sharpen up on obedience skills, join a training class, or work on some behavior problems. Teaching a new skill or practicing a learned one is a good way to keep your dog or cat’s brain active and promote mental health. Reward them on a job well done with positive reinforcements like training treats.

Don’t Skip the Vet

Scheduling your dog or cat for their yearly exams is essential to keep them healthy and happy. Prevention is the best medicine. Regular exams allow your veterinarian to detect any potential diseases, which are easier to manage when caught early. If your pet already has a medical condition, check-ups are vital to ensure your pet’s condition is being managed and allow your vet to adjust any treatments. You may need to visit your veterinarian more frequently if your pet is taking prescription medications or treatments like insulin injections or fluid therapy. 

Stay On Schedule with Preventatives

Mark your calendar, set your phone reminders, and place your post-its to keep on schedule with flea & tick, dewormers, and heartworm preventatives. These medications are only effective for a specific amount of time so it’s important to give them on time. Skipping or delaying doses can leave your dog or cat unprotected from heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasite infections. While being uncomfortable, these infections also pose a significant risk to your dog or cat’s health. And heartworm disease treatment is not currently available for cats. Learn more.

Keep Those Pearly Whites

Make a resolution to practice regular oral hygiene habits with your dog or cat. Dental care is often overlooked but it plays a large role in your pet’s overall health. Dental conditions like periodontal disease can cause inflamed gums and lead to painful tooth extractions. Regular cleanings and oral exams by your veterinarian paired with good home hygiene habits will keep your pet’s teeth in top condition. Accomplished with patience and pet toothpaste, daily brushing is one of the best ways to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Dental chews, water additives, and dental diets are also very beneficial for dental care at home.

Healthy Diet

One of the most common resolutions for people is to start a healthy diet, make this one for your pet too!  Always talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s current food and seek their advice before changing your dog or cat to a new food. Making sure your pet’s diet fits their nutritional needs is a great way to keep them healthy. Animals that are working and activities require different nutrition than young and growing or senior aged animals. Some medical issues require special therapeutic diets to help manage their condition.


Grooming your dog or cat is a great way to bond with your pet and keep them looking and feeling great. Brushing removes excess fur, reduces shedding inside your house, and distributes the natural oils of the skin. This can be a calming and productive activity for both you and your pet. Your pet will love the extra attention. It also allows you the chance to look over your pet’s body to check for any skin problems. Time for some new tools? Check out the furbliss grooming brush.


Have you made a New Year’s pet resolution? Leave us a comment below!