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Prescription Availability

Each state in the US has stringent requirements for prescription licensing. VetRxDirect strives to be properly licensed in each state to provide as many customers as possible with quality prescription values.

Below is a list of states in which we are currenctly licensed to ship prescriptions. Our state license numbers are provided for your information. In the states where we are not licensed, we are actively working to acquire those licenses. If your state is not listed, check back soon.

State License Number
Alabama 112987
Alaska Pending
Arizona Y004981
Arkansas OS02392
Armed Forces - Americas Pending
Armed Forces - Europe Pending
Armed Forces - Pacific Pending
California NRP 2148
Colorado OSP.0005730
Connecticut PCN.0000890
Delaware A9-0000742
District of Columbia NRX1801428
Florida PH22971
Georgia PHNR001554
Hawaii PMP-594*
Idaho 51141MS
Illinois 054.016322
Indiana 64000863A
Iowa 1650
Kansas 22-02529
Kentucky IA1353
Louisiana PHY.006608-NR
Maine MO40002484
Maryland P04990
Massachusetts Not Required
Michigan 5301008703
Minnesota 265665
Mississippi 07477/7.1
Missouri 2008006012
Montana P​H​A​-​M​O​P​-​L​I​C​-​5​5​0​5​4
Nebraska 539
Nevada PH02302
New Hampshire NR0614
New Jersey 28RO00002100
New Mexico PH00002959
New York 028676
North Carolina 11048
North Dakota Phar568
Ohio 0240000027
Oklahoma 99-8290
Oregon RP-0002438
Pennsylvania NP000605
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island PHN11560
South Carolina 9600
South Dakota 400-0688
Tennessee 0000004591
Texas 25862
Utah 10894751-1708
Vermont 036.0000317
Virginia 0214001110
Washington PHNR.FO.60872379
West Virginia MO0559979
Wisconsin 2238-43
Wyoming NR50169