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What is Vetasyl for Dogs and Cats?

Vetasyl is a 100% natural fiber supplement for cats and dogs. The contain barley malt flavored psyllium fiber inside capsules designed to be sprinkled over food. This fiber supplement may help with regulating the digestive system specifically if your pet is constipated. Contact your veterinarian prior to giving your pet Vetasyl to finalize a dose. The manufacturer recommends giving one capsule per day for pets weighing 8-20 lbs and ½ capsule daily for pets weighing less than 8 lbs. Make sure fresh water is always available to your pet while using Vetasyl.          

You can find a package label which provides more detailed information on Vetasyl indications, forms of administration, and side effects, along with other clinical information, by following the link below:


Vetasyl Package Label*


Vetasyl package insert does not take the place of instructions from your veterinarian. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian or pharmacist if you do not understand the information provided in this document or if you have any questions about Vetasyl fiber capsules.


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