DogLeggs: Standard Length Adjustable - for Dogs with Hygromas
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Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs is currently unavailable. Please check back with us at another time as we are uncertain when we will have more in stock.


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Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs

Lying on hard surfaces can aggravate hygromas, calluses, wounds, and ulcers on a dog’s elbows and legs.  Standard Length Adjustable Dogleggs slip over your dog’s legs and shoulders to provide protective padding and help relieve pain and pressure.


  • Helps reduce the size and severity of elbow hygromas
  • Eases pain due to calluses, pressure sores, osteoarthritis, and decubital ulcers
  • Durable, machine-washable material
  • Fully adjustable for a comfortable fit on dogs of all sizes


Standard Length Adjustable Dogleggs were specially designed to reduce the pain dogs experience due to elbow hygromas. Users report that Dogleggs even help cure the condition. Veterinarians around the country recommend Standard Length Adjustable Dogleggs for a range of painful conditions from ulcers to wounds. The supportive bandages ease pressure, provide skin protection and can hold light bandages in place against the skin to absorb discharge. The sturdy material, fleece lining, and three-way adjustment ensure a comfortable fit on your dog. Dogleggs are proudly made in the U.S.A. 


What you should know about Standard Length Adjustable Dogleggs:


  • See the sizing tool to choose the right size for your dog.
  • Talk to your veterinarian before using this product if your dog has fragile skin or a compromised immune system. Custom DogLeggs with a special lining can be made by the manufaturer if needed in these cases.



For additional information about Standard Length Adjustable Dogleggs, click the “More Information” tab above.

Measurements of Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs that do not match common sizes, will be processed and shipped by the manufacturer.  Please allow additional processing time for custom sizes.  Custom sizes may take 2-3 weeks for delivery and can not be returned. There is an additional $15.50 charge for custom orders.

-If the Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs* size you order does not fit your dog, please ship the wrong size back to VetRxDirect within 10 days of delivery and we will ship the correct size as a replacement.  The original packaging must be included with the returned product to be eligible for exchange. 
*The above exchange policy does not cover custom made garments shipped directly from the manufacturer.  You will be notified by VetRxDirect after your order is the garment need to be custom made and shipped by the manufacturer.
Please see our Return Policy for more information and requirements.

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs

In the case of elbow hygromas, use of the DogLeggs alone can be curative eliminating the risk for complications associated with draining or surgery
For patients suffering from elbow arthritis, the padding offers protection as well as reflecting body heat back to the joint improving comfort and mobility.  

Wear and Care Instructions for the Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs  

Thank you for your purchase of this quality product from DogLeggs that shows your dedication to the health and well-being of your animal. All DogLeggs products are designed and manufactured to provide both comfort and durability. The proper use of this DogLeggs’ product is essential to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.  
The proper use of this product includes the following:
  • Please supervise your animal during the use of this product particularly during the initial period of use.
  • This product must be removed at least once a day and inspected for cleanliness and wear. If the product becomes soiled it should be washed in accordance with the care instructions.
  • You must thoroughly inspect your animal at least once a day for any signs of irritation due to the use of this product. Particular attention should be paid if this product is worn over or incident to an open wound. The plan for care and monitoring of wounds must be coordinated with your veterinary professional. If any irritation is found, you must immediately discontinue use and contact your veterinary professional.
  • To provide maximum performance and longevity of the product it is recommended that the product be washed at least once every week.
  • If the product shows excessive ware or is torn, chewed or otherwise modified, please discontinue use and contact VetRxDirect to purchase a replacement.  
Thank you for this purchase and if you have any additional questions on the proper care and use of this product, please go to the DogLeggs website at