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DiaGel Diarrhea Control

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DiaGel Diarrhea Control for Pets

Why use DiaGel?

DiaGel is a natural alternative with no antibiotics which only requires one administration and cures most Diarrhea situations in 24hrs.


What Diarrhea situations can DiaGel be used for?

DiaGel can be used to treat Diarrhea caused by garbage gut, changes in diet and/or water, stress diarrhea, environment changes, and bacterial overgrowths like E. Coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, and Campylobacter.


Generic Name:

Diarrhea Control Gel

General Description:

This product is a natural alternative for the prevention and control of diarrhea caused by bacteria.  It is available as an oral gel.

What is this product?
  • This all-natural product helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and remove toxins from the gastrointestinal system
  • Given by mouth
Reasons for using:
  • Can be used in the management of diarrhea caused by environmental and nutritional stress
  • Can be used as an adjunct to traditional medical management of diarrhea
  • Can be used to help reduce the incidence of diarrhea caused by stressful events
What pets should not take this product?
  • This product is not a substitute for appropriate management of complicated cases of diarrhea requiring veterinary care
  • Safety in pregnant or lactating mares has not been established
  • Pets with a known hypersensitivity to this product

Diarrhea Control Gel should be given according to your veterinarian’s recommendations.

You need to accurately determine the weight of the pet prior to administration of this product as the dose is based on the weight of the pet.

Refer to product insert regarding dosing schedule for different treatment protocols.  Give the exact amount recommended and only as often as directed.

Ideally, give this product at the same time(s) daily

If you are unsure how your pet will react to oral administration of a medication, request assistance or demonstration by your veterinarian.

What if a dose is missed?

If a dose is missed, give it as soon as you can. If it is time already for the next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to the normal schedule. Do not give two doses at the same time.

Administration using an oral dosing syringe:
  •  Accurately determine the weight of the pet
  •  Dial the correct dose on the product syringe
  •  Remove cap from product syringe
  •  Place the tip of the syringe in the side of the pet's mouth in the space between the teeth
  •  Gently push the plunger and deposit the medication on the back of the tongue
  •  Remove the product syringe from the mouth
  •  Raise the head slightly and ensure that the medication is swallowed
  •  Dispose of the empty product syringe in appropriate container
  •  Wash hands after use
What to tell/ask a veterinarian before giving this product?
Talk to your veterinarian about:
  • The importance of good management and nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease
  • What tests may need to be performed prior to and during treatment with this product
  • When your pet may need to be re-examined
  • What are the risks and benefits of using this product
Tell your veterinarian about:
  • If your pet has experienced side-effects on other drugs/products
  • If your pet has experienced any other medical problems or allergies
  • All medicines and supplements that you are giving your pet or plan to give your pet, including those you can get without a prescription. Your veterinarian may want to check that all of your pet's medications can be given together.
  • If your female is pregnant, nursing or if you plan to breed in the near future
Storage and Warnings:

Diarrhea Control Gel should be stored in a childproof container in a cool, dry place at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight.
Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets.
Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take this product.

Potential side effects:
  • Notify your veterinarian immediately if your pet experiences any adverse reactions to this product
Can this product be given with other drugs?
  • Do not give new food or medications without first talking to your veterinarian
  • If your pet experiences any unusual reactions when taking multiple medications, contact your veterinarian

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet receives more than the recommended amount.

What else should I know?

Notify your veterinarian if your pet's condition does not improve or worsens despite this treatment.

This is just a summary of information about Diarrhea Control Gel.  If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact your veterinarian.

You can find package labels which provide more detailed information on DiaGel Syringe's indications, forms of administration, and side effects, along with other clinical information, by following the links below:


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DiaGel's Labels do not take the place of instructions from your veterinarian. Talk to your veterinarian if you do not understand the information provided in these documents or if you have any questions about DiaGel Syringes for support in controlling environmentally induced diarrhea.


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